Stethoscope redefined. The Stemoscope lets you discover the sounds of life. You can record and share these sounds at ease and use them for STEM education, recreation and many other purposes.

Many sounds of life awaits your discovery

Traditional stethoscopes are used by medical doctors for auscultation - listening to the sounds of the body for medical diagnosis. The Stemoscope , on the other hand, can let us experience a lot more: we are surrounded by tons of internal rhythms coming from the human body, animals and plants, but seldomly notice them. Tune into these rhythms today with the Stemoscope and delight yourself with many surprises.

Let’s listen to some sample sounds in the introduction video

Sounds of life have many bass (low pitch/frequency) components, and the typical smartphone speaker is not good at playing them. To ensure the best listening experience, we recommend you to use your EARPHONES or HEADSET 🎧.

One device, many free Apps

Besides the "Stemoscope" App is designed for general applications, the "BabyStemo" App is designed for expecting and new moms to listen to their babies' heartbeat and soothe their newborns, and the "PetStemo" App is designed for pet owners and vets to monitor their pets' health and enjoy their pets' soothing sounds. All the Apps are free and available for both iOS and Android. More Apps are on the way....

Save and share Your Most Important Moments

Have you ever felt so excited that you could feel your heart beating in your chest? Have you ever experienced the wonder of hearing the heartbeat of your unborn child? The truth is, life is full of incredible moments like these, now you can record, share and save forever these precious moments.

Smaller than any digital stethoscope in the world